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Launching and Operating a successful on-demand transit in rural New York.

TCAT partnered with RTMSO (Urban Mobility Inc, HyperCommute) to launch and operate a transit-integrated on-demand first/ last mile service for serving underserved rural communities of Tompkins County. The service was initially conceptualized to extend the TCAT’s service to the low density rural areas by offering a guaranteed connectivity to and from its fixed-route network. It later evolved into a successful hybrid model optimized for local travel and a reliable means of transportation within Tompkins county. TCAT planned further extension by embracing EVs and adding community driven bike service to the offering and went on to win $7 million  NYSERDA award. RTMSO played a critical role right from the days of conceptualization to the launch and then to iteratively tuning the service to meet the needs of the community and adjusting the service to match the travel patterns of the riders. Its intelligent and iterative tools allowed continuous calibration of service models for better utilization and improved customer experience.

Some of the highlights and outcomes of the project are mentioned below.  Please write to us for detailed information support@rtmso.com with subject TOMPKINS.

Iterative Service Design

unlocking insights. Intelligence layer. Recommendations, Hybrid Model 

AI assisted Operations :

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