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Optimizing Service Models for Smart Mobility.

We provide intelligent and iterative tools, powered by reinforcement learning (Machine Learning), to launch and operate smart mobility services. Our tools are tuned to enable and optimize Microtransit, MAAS (Mobility as a Service), Bike Share, Electric Mobility, Vanpool, Taxi, First and Last Mile delivery services. Our domain experts provide hands-on assistance to readily integrate these tools into the workflow.

What We Do?

RTMSO seamlessly integrates with the operating environment to gather operational data, builds and aggregates work flow intelligence and provides assistance to service managers and operators. It extracts critical service insights from the collected data and seamlessly integrates those insights back into the service workflow to iteratively evolve the service into a successful model.We help bridge the gap between operators and customers and turn service providers into instant experts by codifying lessons from the data.

For Micromobility OEMs